Child Custody Lawyer

Issues of child custody and parenting time are a common cause of discord in divorces involving children. While there may not be much agreement throughout the course of a divorce, one thing is certain: engaging in a hostile custody battle is rarely in the best interests of children, who are often harmed by the emotional fall-out of the fight.

Except in rare circumstances, custody and parenting-time issues are best resolved amicably in a collaborative fashion. I bring more than 35 years of experience to these cases and focus on making arrangements that respect the rights of both parents while keeping a watchful eye on what is best for the children.

One question will form the basis for any child custody and parenting-time arrangement: What is in the best interest of the children? As long as parents can agree to a parenting schedule that works in terms of logistics and allows both parents to stay close to their children, the judge is likely to approve the plan.

I focus on identifying the needs of parents and their children and work diligently to craft an agreement that is tailored to their unique circumstances. By minimizing conflict in these cases, parents can save a significant amount of money compared to litigation while protecting their children from the emotional damage that can occur in a protracted custody fight.

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